The shape of Mała Galeria and its unique atmosphere are the effect of the organizational endeavours of Alicja Hebda. Alicja is a person who loves art in all its aspects and is a dedicated culture animator. She makes Mała Galeria a special place where art becomes credible to the viewers. She has the skill to unite artists to cooperate. She creates the atmosphere which even provokes to undertake unconventional actions, inspires and helps to realize them.



Alicja Hebda belongs to those intrepid people who appreciates independent mind
of the artists, supports their creative impulses and skilfully takes advantage of their genius which is the essence of art. She is the manager of Mała Galeria, but her passion and mode of action in the best interest of art, artists and the audience make her a wonderful hostess. Alicja Hebda
is the graduate of Państwowe Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych in Nowy Wiśnicz and the Jagiellonian University. She is the Honourable Member of the Association of polish Artists.





Have a look at 25th anniversary of artistic work in the cultural field of Nowy Sącz.

Andrzej Szarek, the sculptor, is the art supervisor of Mała Galeria and its undisputed leader. His creative personality and talent have made Galeria gain the image of high level art centre. Collection of Szarek’s works, among other things, consists of invitation cards, posters, graphic signs. Invited artists and the audience are often surprised by unconventional arrangement
of the exhibitions and set designs of organized events


Szarek has an inexhaustible resource of ideas for making the exhibitions more attractive, taking an initiative of and realizing art actions. The personality of Andrzej Szarek and his place in world of art, create the atmosphere which attracts many superb creators. Szarek has become the reason to discover the power of art for number of people. The artist chooses Mała Galeria as the field for his art activity.


He realizes here his happenings and also presents his works such as sculpture, “Rysuny” – the mature forms of drawing, posters and pro-visions – the projects of sculptures on the skyscrapers in Nowy Sącz. Andrzej Szarek liberates also his creative potential in the realization of his happenings. They are always special performances of a unique form of art activity. He realizes them in great spaces. They are an art interference in perennial human values. The scale of activity, which Szarek uses in his actions, breaks the viewer’s indifference, liberates his sensitivity and forces to reflection.


Video films of Andrzej Szarek’s art actions:


- pieśń arki 2,8Mb
- budzenie nieba 2,8Mb
- dekalog 2Mb
- hemingwayowi 780Kb
- chusta św. Weroniki 1,3Mb
- jego wina 624Kb
- jeździec apokalipsy 1,1Mb
- capstrzyk pod czeską kaczką 1,1Mb
- kazanie do ptaków 1,5Mb
- niebieski konwój 1,4Mb
- obraza 2,3Mb
- przebiśniegi poczęte 1,9Mb
- urodzinowy ogród 1,2Mb
- w cieniu talentu 1,1Mb
- alchemik






Andrzej Szarek – an excerpt from a radio broadcast